Why Gino

Hi, friend!

First things first. It would be a nonsense naming this site ‘call me Gino’ without an explanation. I’ll keep it as short as possible, what coming from me doesn’t mean short at all. Here we go!

My real name is Luis Galotti Muñoz. Well, not my real name, but the one my ID shows. My parents wanted to name me Gino after my grandfather, but the judge complained saying that ‘Gino is not a name’. which is kinda true being honest. Gino is the diminutive of Luigi (Luigi – Luigino – Gino), so my father decided to name Luigi instead, but the judge kept denying him: ‘Luis is the Spanish translation of Luigi, so you have to name him Luis’. He freaked out but, after unsatisfactorily trying to make her seen sense, just gave up and named me Luis.

So, well, Luis is my ID name, but I don’t feel it like my real name. Anyone who knows enough of me to be considered part of my life is aware of the story and calls me Gino. So, if I’m going to share what is inside my head with you, it sounds fair to me making the proper presentations.

Nice to meet you, friend. And please, just call me Gino.


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