April’s Fool 2016: Life goals

April’s fool it’s undoubtedly one of my most important days, even if it doesn’t have any particular meaning in the Spanish culture. That’s why I always follow internet’s pranks these days. Unfortunately, today’s been a sick day at the office, so I haven’t managed to check them properly.

For that reason, instead of making the ranking I wanted to do, I’ll just point out a few stupid products of this marvellous day. But, before that, I want to share with you one of my professional and personal life goals:

Participate in April’s fool product for my company.

Google actual-reality. Self-explanatory. It’s not as funny as the “drop the mic” Gmail response they’ve done also this year, but the later is hilarious because of the people reactions (and the reasons why they had to bring it down.

T-Mobile built the best accessory for your mobile. I have to admit that I’d use it… Although I’m quite used to swipe while walking, writing things like this. It’d make dinners out way more enjoyable.

HubSpot pets. Because Dog in the office is a trend nowadays, why shouldn’t we push boundaries instead?

May the force be with you,

PS: happy birthday to me!


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