Modernise your testing roles

Fortunately, the Testing industry is not only formed by Automation, Manual QA and QA Leads. Models are shifting (particularly due to Agile methodologies) and new approaches require new (and more interesting, in my opinion) roles. Here I’ll talk about some of these roles, either real examples and some theoretical ones.

  • Test jumper. Described my James Bach, is one solution for Testing in Agile methodologies. Its duties are supporting and supervising multiple Agile teams, ensuring that nothing blocks proper testing at speed. It’s all about aiding developers and testers to have whatever tool before they need it, helping to create testable products and raising testing concerns as soon as possible.
  • Software Engineer, Tools & Infrastructure. Google’s evolution of the Software Engineer in Test, this role focuses on tooling the Software Engineers to make their life easier. It’s a technical position and some of the tasks are described in this Reddit post, but it has been one of the trends in the recent time to replace testers with software engineers who focus on making testing easier.
  • Quality Assitance. As I described in this post, it’s the approach Atlassian took to deliver quality at Agile speed. The efforts are focused on empowering the developer and training him in testing tasks, so the majority of the tasks can be done really early on the development process. Other companies, like Spotify, are creating similar roles.
  • Automation toolsmith. Similar to Google’s approach and theorized by the Rapid Software Testing team, this role focuses on developing tools to unlock testers potential. They should work closely with the testers understanding what are going to be their needs in the future, and with the developers creating more testable products and learning the system to build those tools.

I am sure that they’re more cool Testing roles out there, and I’ll try to find them. I love seeing how is moving shifting our community, and learning how companies are trying to adapt testing to today’s needs.

Some honorable mentions are:


May the force be with you,



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