Is moving abroad a company perk?

I know that Internet is saturated with this subject, but I got asked several times about it and having a post to share instead of hand crafting a response is going to be really handy. I’m going to keep it as personal, funny and anecdotical as possible, making it different. Also, you know that I’m following the 10-idea movement, so I’m going to use the same schema to detail 10 tips I want to yell to my 5-years-ago self. Let’s do it!

  • Build your core group. You’re going to need people, so start building
  • Avoid your hometown ghettos. I’m in a different place to meet new people, to learn from new cultures, not to build a Guetto of Spaniards abroad. Also, pro tip: I’ve found that people become their contry “cultural cliche” when they move abroad.
  • Walk the city. It’s the best way to discover its secret. It’s free, you won’t stay that much time at home and it becomes handy when visits come!
  • Ask for recommendations and try new food. Your hometown food is not going to be the same here, so avoid visitting those places. It’s time to experiment!
  • Don’t be afraid of digital platforms and tools, they’re handy to meet new people. They are groups, apps, meeting software..
  • Every company has a mad employee, so join that colleague. At the beginning, it’s going to help you learn what you like and what you don’t from the city, as you’re going to try a lot of weird activities accross several places!
  • It’s easier to socialise with other ex-pats than with locals who has all their life here. It’s a shame, because sometimes I feel that I’m not learning the culture of this place, but a thousand different ones because of the people who I spend most time with!
  • On a personal note, try to find a local significant other, that’s the best way to improve the language, get involved in their culture and discover even more secrets of that place!
  • Most capitals will have loads of meet ups, don’t be afraid to join them, particulary when they relate with one of your passions!
  • Share as much as possible with people you won’t find elsewhere, because it’s the best chance you have to learn from them!

Seriously, for me, this is by far one of the best perks a company can offer to you. I won’t work for a company just because it reallocates me to a new place, but when I find an amazing opportunity, having to move is a HUGE plus!

May the force be with you,




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