5 Shares a Week – Fruitful Friday

I may not take 5 a day… but I can do 5 a week!

There is a long and very personal post on the works, so this week I only have the time to publish this. Let’s share 5 interesting healthy snacks for our brains!

1 – Reading right now: Made to Stick – Chip Heath.
I am really digging some notes on how to make an idea more sticky. Chip is a brilliant storyteller and always provides a sticky anecdote to make the point. I have so many notes from this book, I will probably share them at some point!

2 – An interesting (and fast) read: Hot point fitness – Steve Zim.
I read this old (but gold) summary for a good training from Steve Zim. These are the 5 key points I keep from it while working out:

  • Breathing. “To enlist breathing as your ally, exhale as you drive the weight; hold the weight at the top of the movement; and inhale during the negative motion on a count of ‘one-two-three’.
  • Variety. “Perhaps the greatest mistake you can make, and one almost everyone who exercises makes, is to get into a routine when you exercise“. Changing the routines regularly helps to make training more entertaining. I will avoid controversial topics not talking about Muscle Confusion,
  • Balance. Symmetry prevents injury. We want to avoid compensating with our strong side while lifting, as that will affect our progression and it can easily cause problems.
  • Stretching. He recommends stretching the muscle we are working on between sets. That increases the time under tension (adding some stress on our hearts) and helps recovery by bringing more blood to the area.
  • Technique. Understand the technique of the exercise. Identify your goals and use the correct technique to reach them.

3 – A project I can’t stop thinking about: I want to create a journal app to record each improv performance.

I think the community would benefit from having a tool where you can save and share some notes from shows, create profiles and enhance the classes.

I have done no app development, so I spent some time understanding what would be needed and how can I start. Maybe it is a nice project to find someone on Fiverr and get it bootstrapped!

4 – What I have written somewhere else: The effects of improvising outside of your mother tongue.

I am passionate about understanding how English is affecting my performances. This is an ongoing discussion inside my community, so I decided to make a “short” writeup and share it on Reddit and Facebook. I loved the engagement it caused!

One of the comments pointed me to How Speaking a Second Language Affects the Way You Think. It is fascinating that our moral compasses might be affected by the language we are talking at the moment!

5 – A nice tool I have found: Many libraries with free stock images! These are not the ones that I normally use, so I like having some variety!

Having a blog, this is an invaluable asset! I also needed many strange pictures to make…

Extra points: Presentation karaoke

I love this improv game, and I decided to play at the office. All the PMs were in love with the idea of finding the “Ultimate presenter” in our company!

The preparation is fairly simple, but it involved having MANY silly pictures to create those presentations. This is the list I came up with, do you have any more examples on silly pictures? I really encourage you to give this game a go. It is so easy and fun!

What about you? Which are your 5 points of this week?

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