5 Shares a Week – Fruitful Friday Week 6 ’19

1 – Things I have munchedThis pretty tasty meal prep. She also shared a piece of information I had no idea about: Soaking your legumes before cooking not only makes them cook faster but improves how well we absorb their proteins!

2 – An enjoyable surprise: I contacted two renown improvisers after writing about teaching improv to international crowds, and both of them came back to me with interested! I was lucky enough to schedule an hour-long chat with one of them yesterday, and I have learned SO MUCH from that talk! I’ll be working on the notes from that chat to get a nice summary.

3 – A moment of joy: I have a lovely coffee break with a friend this week. Sometimes, I have to force myself to be social and spend some quality time with people I don’t see often. It is stupid because I am aware of how much I enjoy talking to them! But, at the moment, I try to find a thousand excuses for why I should cancel.

4 – Something I really appreciate: Taking into consideration what day was yesterday, I want to take a moment to state how grateful I am for my partner. I am not an easy person to live with, and she has been such an unconditional supporter. It is going to be a challenging period (and I know she was also affected by my previous post about depression), but I feel very lucky to have such a loving person on my side.

5 – Training that I am enjoying: Recently I have changed my workout routine just to shake things up a little bit, and I am really digging the new training! It fits my time schedule, it feels challenging and it involves very simple exercises. What a nice surprise!

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