5 Shares a Week – Fruitful Friday Week 7 ’19

1 – Read of the week: Me before you – JoJo Moyes (as one of Good Reads award-winning books). Romantic novels are not my cup of tea, but I enjoyed having a new perspective on the needs and cares of a quadriplegic. In the book, they explore how important is for them to feel in charge of their own decisions.

2 – More read of the week: The Thank You Economy – Gary Vaynerchuk
I have learned a lot from Gary’s Youtube channel, so I decided to start with his oldest book that I could find on Audible. I am a firm believer of always doing your best and trying to help the people around you, without expecting anything back. He explores that mindset as a business!

3 – A new toy: I just got my new Canon M6, and I can’t wait to start playing around with it.

Do I know anything about photography? Not in the least. Do I know how to make videos? I haven’t even recorded on my phone. But I decided it was time for me to feel comfortable recording myself and my partner’s shows. Nowadays having an online presence is important, and I want to find if I am game for it.

Why this camera? It had great reviews. It is light enough, have great autofocus for recording on the go and didn’t break the bank.

4 – An unexpected lesson: Yesterday I came across a very educational video about boudoir photography. I didn’t realize how empowering is an experience like this. I know many people who would benefit from such a treat. And it made me wonder, how many mind-bending experiences am I missing because I don’t give them a try?

Improv has clearly changed my life. I have many friends who are empowered by pole dancing. Do you have any experience like this?

5 – A show that made me proud: Last week I went on stage with a very close friend and explored a new idea. We did an improv set, and we called it “Two manly men”, and we did the manliest thing we could think of: talk about our feelings on stage. The idea was breaking the tabu of seeing two men expressing their vulnerabilities. For a suggestion, we asked the men from our audience what was the last emotional conversation they had with their father. It was such a nice experience, and we got so much positive feedback.

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