5 Shares a Week – Fruitful Friday Week 8 ’19

1 – Read of the week: The happiness advantage. I am really enjoying this work. His way of giving examples with very memorable stories and studies. I am extremely inspired to apply some of the lessons from this book now to my Improv practice or my 9-to-5!

2 – A nice moment of the week: I love feeling helpful. Whenever I can, I try to find an excuse to be helpful, even if some of the times I come across as “really over the top”. Having a NY colleague visiting our office, I spent half an hour writing a short summary of local places I love that have a really particular taste and feel; and I shared it!

3 – An inspirational video: I love this take on public health and food. We need more warriors like him in society. We need that energy to inspire new generations.

4 – A new tool: ProWritingAid is really helping me doing the first round of editing to my improv blog posts. It is extremely helpful with my vague word choices!

5 – A new (old) routine: I am enjoying 20min walks after lunch every day again. I didn’t realize how much I have missed them, but they really enhance my day while barely affecting my performance at work. I am already a fast eater anyway, and taking a moment to stretch my legs and enjoy some air gives me a lot of energy.